July 26, 2018 -Mt. View

August 8, 2018 -NYC

LP X Connect is an exciting one-day gathering for eCommerce thought leaders and executives.


Holiday ’17 was the largest ever online.  2018 will be even bigger.  As an online brand, how do you know that you captured all the sales and profit that you should have?  As the competitive landscape online continues to evolve, those companies with the most data and the insights to use that date successfully will find the most success.  How much should a company be willing to spend to acquire a new customer?  What timeline should a company use when determining lifetime value?  What are the most effective ways to increase lifetime value?

None of these questions are easy or simple to answer.

Logical Position, in partnership with Google, and some of the top eCommerce minds will shed light on these and other issues critical to eCommerce companies.

LP X Connect is for brands doing over $5 million a year online.  We’ll be exploring, through case studies, how to analyze the past and properly prepare for the future.  There will be demonstrations of some of the best technology available to eCommerce executives looking to increase sales.  Extensive networking and some of the best food and drink the cities of Santa Clara and New York have to offer.

The cost of the event is covered by Logical Position, Google and the partners.  Attendees just need to get there.  

Seats are limited. 


Case Studies

                          Hanna andersson, biolite, swissgear

Dive into the holiday analysis alongside Brian Aldrich and eCommerce leaders of major brands.  You will learn how to find the truth of your holiday period.  Where the success was and where the misses were.

Google Insights


Sit down with Bob Uttenreuther and other global executives of Google to hear the unique learnings and statistics of the 2017 Holiday season.



Learn with some of the top eCommerce technology partners and their clients about what worked best this past holiday season and what you should consider adding to your online mix.